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July 21, 2020

Dear Parents and Participants of Bert Bell Memorial Football and Cheerleading League,

After reviewing the information from the CDC and state government surrounding the current COVID-19 crisis, the Bert Bell Board of Executives feels it is in the best interest of the children of our league to cancel the 2020 Football and Cheerleading season. We have considered a lot of options and did extensive research in making this decision, including listening to our coaches and surrounding organizations around us, the CDC and PIAA, and keeping the governor’s ever-changing guidelines in hand. We discussed numerous scenarios and even developed our own set of safety guidelines for the upcoming season.

Unfortunately, we felt in the long term there was no way to protect against the COVID-19 and the risk outweighed the benefits of having a season. The ultimate deciding factor was keeping our kids safe and allowing them the opportunity to play in the year 2021. Hopefully, we will have more information to better protect what is most important to us. Cases have started to show up in our surrounding counties making the potential for our league to get hit with this virus. This time off will allow us as an organization to revise our safety guidelines and adapt to the everyday changes that come down from the PA government.

We would like you, as the parents, to pass on suggestions to us to help make for a safer environment for your child to participate in the future. Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Executive Board through our website at www.bertbell.net.

Thank you,

Billy Mayo, Commissioner

Bert Bell Memorial Football and Cheerleading Conference

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